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-Declaration of Asia SF Association –

-Declaration of Asia SF Association –
The president of ASFA: 劉慈欣 | Liu Cixin (Three body problem)
The secretary: YK Yoon( Vice Chair, Korea SF Association)

The deputy secretary: 王侃瑜 Regina Kanyu Wang(Co-founder of Applecore), Feng Zhang 三丰(FAA),Dr.Arvind Mishra(secretary, Indian Science Fiction Writers’s Association)
etc.(more to come)

Members: representatives of China,Egypt,India,Japan,Korea,Malaysia,Philippines, Singapore,Vietnam etc.)

Pls. join us. (send us the below form via contact email)

Format(please fill out the form)

Occupation/very short introduction of yourself


the first general meeting minute

Today’s 17th of July, 2018. and this meeting will be recorded as a first meeting of Asian SF Association. and it will become a part of Asia SF history. so please don’t forget that all of us are now representing the countries.
I am so grateful that we are now here to discuss on the Asiacon and Asia SF Association.
Many people contributed to this for 7 months, Regina(王侃瑜) and David Lally(Former Eurocon Chief)showed me the way. and Feng( 三丰) encourage me to establishing the association. and finally and thankfully, SFW took the responsibility as a big brother of our association. Also, Dr.Arvind and Ted and many others helped me during the days.

We, Asians are here to unite and show the world that how we can communicate in peaceful and wise manner.

I discussed with Science Fiction World on behalf of Asian SF Society.
and They would provide below,

hold Asiacon (2019 September or October)
publish Asian SF Anthology
publish Asian SF History articles
and so on.

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