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Publishers and Fandoms

         South Korean Science Fiction Fandom

·                 The science fiction fandom started to grow in the 1990s. Science fiction critics and writers Park Sang-joon (Seoul Science Fiction Archive) and Go Jang-won showed themselves to the world, and Jeon Hong-sik (Science Fiction Library) is active in fandom.

Living in the country where the peace is intimately tied with the politics of world peace, an export-driven economy, South Korea enjoys a life of vibrant global cultural exchange where half of the population travels abroad every year. For Koreans, the world is not a strange place but a big family. And we are aware that all countries must cooperate to solve global problems.

With such a cultural background. Korean writers and fans are active in such cultural exchange themselves. SFFD is not limited to introduce not only Korean science fiction on their website but also plan to introduce science fiction works from more than 50 nations.  (If you would like to introduce your SF works and writers from your country. Write us at sffdimension@gmail.com)

According to SFFD: (SFFD: www.sffd.co.kr), World’s first Global SF works database, a platform where SF fans around the world can interact together online 24-7)

People are confronting complicated global issues nowadays. More and more people from worldwide drawn to SF imagination solutions and proposals to these problems. SF idea may provide pure logic and creative ideas to these problems.

 2017 is the year when Koreans officially participated in Worldcon for the first time (Worldcon 75 in Finland). Art Council Korea (a special art funding organization entrusted to the South Korean Ministry of culture, tourism and sports ) provided funds for Korean SF writers and a SF critic to attend Worldcon.to develop Korean culture. This fact was also reported by South Korean national media, and people from all walks of life are showing interest in an international exchange and the development of Korean science fiction.

I am sure that Koreans will continue to read, watch, and create more science fiction fantasy, and will be hoping for even more cultural exchange.

by Yeo-kyeong Yun(YK yun)

SF has small but strong fan base in South Korea.

Of course ‘small’ doesn’t mean no one reads or watches SF in Korea. There have been several SF best-sellers and box-office hits. These days SF/fantasy elements can be found in many Korean films, TV shows, games, and comics– though people often don’t recognize these elements as being SF or fantasy.

So ‘small but strong’ only refers to the actual size of fandom in the strictest sense.

“SF is still in the process of putting down roots in Korea(http://www.gordsellar.com/series/sf-in-south-korea/)”. I think this is true, and the process seems to be going well.

In the past, the entry point for SF fans tended to be translated fiction, mainly English-language works. Things are now changing. Various gateways have appeared, and more local writers entered the scene. Now established authors who have released stories over ten years are making a name for themselves. Web-based fantasy fiction has the biggest market share than any other fiction genre in Korea. All kinds of creators (novelists, comic artists, directors, scenario writers, etc.) who are interested in SF hold a small workshop in Sobaeksan Observatory every year. Annual SF award is fourth this year.

There are efforts to interact with other fandoms abroad, too. SF&F Library Korea is in touch with Japan SF fandom; Webzine 거울(mirror) is working with China’s Future Affairs Administration; Korean SF books are being translated into English and will be published soon; Some writers are active in such cultural exchange themselves, and initiatives such as SFFD (www.sffd.co.kr) aim to build and maintain a platform where SF fans around the world can interact together.

So many things are happening all at once. Change is coming on fast. Watching it unfold is really fascinating – but making it, is even better.

by 이수현(SuHyeon Lee)


SF & Fantasy Dimension http://www.sffd.co.kr/

JoySF Club: http://www.joysf.com/ : fan community

거울(mirror webzine): http://mirror.pe.kr/

크로스로드(crossroads webzine) : http://crossroads.apctp.org/

브릿G: https://britg.kr/ : web-fiction platform being run by a publishing company ‘황금가지’.

ansibletalk http://ansibletalk.net/, review site

Facebook SF forum: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sfforum/

SF&Fantasy Library Korea: http://www.sflib.com/, Seoul, 82-70-8102-5010

Seoul SF Archive, contact cosmod@naver.com, the archive of Korean Science Fiction.


SF Party with SF&Fantasy Library, August 2017, Seoul. Contact 82-70-8102-5010, http://www.sflib.com/

2017 SF (Science and Future) Festival, 31 October- 5 November 2017, Gwacheon, Gwacheon National Science Museum

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, 13 July – 23 July 2018, Bucheon.