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  1. The Association


The Asia Science Fiction Association


  1. Goals


The Goals of the Society are:


to find ways and means of establishing contacts between the Science Fiction (SF) professionals and fans;


to ensure better mutual knowledge of SF literature and arts and of fandom activity in the Asian countries;


to propose the cognition of Asian SF in the rest of the world.


Joining the Association

To join the Association it shall suffice to subscribe to this Constitution and to inform the National Liaison who will notify the ASFS Secretary, or to notify the ASFS Secretary directly.

For special services rendered to Asian SF the Committee may award the title of ASFS Honorary Member.


Leaving the Association

Cessation of membership may only be by resignation, informing the President and secretary.

No member of the Association may be excluded on racial, political or religious grounds.



The Association resources shall include:

grants and gifts received.



The Association shall organize a Association Science Fiction Convention (Asiacon) within the territory of a Asian country at least every two or three years.



The vote for the Asiacon shall comprise delegate votes, three for China, and two for each country, and ASFS member votes on a one person-one vote basis.


The vote shall take place on line (wechat), or by secret ballot, and the voting papers for Liaison and members shall be differently coloured.

Votes shall be counted in aggregate, but the winner shall attain at least a threshold of 35% of the votes cast by both members and Liaison.

In the event of the candidate with the most votes failing to reach this threshold, but coming within 5% of it, another vote may be held at least 30 minutes later between the two highest contenders. If a second vote fails to reach this

threshold, or a second vote does not take place, the decision must be postponed to the next Asiacon, or to an extraordinary General Meeting.



Asiacon campaign materials may include leaflets, posters, fanzines, badges, stickers, minor decorative display items and other informative material on the prospective convention and the host country, but a ‘no treating’ rule must be

observed. In effect this means no bid parties.

Any bid committee breaking this rule may have its candidature disqualified by a secret ballot of the Liaison at the General Meeting. A disqualification vote may be proposed by any one delegate, and disqualification shall occur if 35% or more of the Liaison approve it.


General Meeting

The supreme body of the Association is the General Meeting, convened during the Asiacon. The General Meeting is attended by all ASFS members present at the Asiacon (but up to three votes are allowed for each country) and has the following prerogatives:


to decide the places and dates of the Asiacons


to discuss and decide on other matters related to the Association’s activity.


Members may attend and speak, they may also take part in the Asiacon votes, and in general advisory votes.

Non-Asian observers may attend and speak, but they may not vote.


Extraordinary General Meeting

At the request of one third of the Association membership, or of two thirds of its committee or board members, the Chair shall convene the Extraordinary General Meeting.



Dept of ASFA


Academic board Dept.

Collecting the academic resources and datas, supporting the academic cultural exchange between Asian countries.


PR Dept.

Posting or advertising national SF news to Asian SF Society board(China and ASFA) and ASFA news(Asian SF anthology) to local.



Bodies of the ASFS

  1. The Board

The Board coordinates the work of the committee members and maintains contact between General Meetings.


The Board is made up of:

President (Head of the next Asiacon organization)


Nominated Executive Vice President


Vice President (one for each country, 3 for China, 2 for India)


The secretary


The deputy secretary


The Treasurer



  1. The Committee

The Asian Committee is the leading body of the ASFS and assembles at the Asiacons. At the request of one third of its members it shall be convened by the President in an Extraordinary Meeting The Committee is made up of:



Executive Vice President

Vice presidents


Former Committee Officers

Honorary Members of ASFS

National Liaison for each country.

The term of office for all the Officers (President, Vice presidents, Treasurer, Awards Administrator) shall be two years, after which they may be reelected for subsequent terms.

Former Committee Officers and the Honorary Members remain on the Committee for their lifetime, having voice but no vote.

National Liaison are elected according to local customs and should be normally resident in the country they represent.

If a position falls vacant, the Committee may nominate a provisional substitute until the next General Meeting.


The committee and the Board Tasks

The Board and the committee have the following prerogatives:


to ensure the progress of the Association between two General Meetings,


to prepare the report submitted to the General Meeting,


to arrange for the places and the dates of the Asiacons, to publish Asian SF.


to determine the utilisation of the Association’s resources,


to debate and decide on all other issues related to the Association’s activity.


Job Descriptions

The Officers and members of the Committee shall have the following competence:


The President:

ensures a permanent relation between the Officers and Members of the Asiacon Committee;

represents the Association in its relations with the Organizing Committees of the Asiacons , with other national and international organizations;

convenes the General meeting and the Committee (in the absence of the President, the executive vice president)

chairs the debates of the Committee and sessions of the General Meeting together with the Nominated Vice(in the absence of the President, the executive vice president)

President opens the Asiacons in the name of the Association;


Nominated Executive Vice President:

Shall have the same competence inside of the Association as the president, acting in their absence;

they shall assist the President in performing his statutory duties.


The Nominated Vice presidents.

maintains permanent relations with the National Liaison and other Committee


The secretary

keeps the archives of ASFS;

takes the minutes of ASFS General meeting and Committee sessions.


Shall have leadership role in the Association


The Treasurer:

ensures the financial administration of the ASFS resources;



The Association’s resources shall be employed:

to publish the ASFS Newsletter and the ASFS Directory, website.

to administer the Science Fiction Awards or anthology;

in exceptional circumstances, to pay the administrative costs, hotel and travel expenses of the committee Officers travelling in the interests of the Association. Such expenses must be approved by the committee at the next General Meeting.

At each meeting of the Committee, the Treasurer presents the financial situation of the Association;

Between the meetings they shall do the same at the request of the Chair or the Elected Vice president.


The National Liaison(Three for China and two for each country) represent the interests of the professionals and fans of their countries. They:

Periodically convey to the President and the scretary information of the most important local events (conventions, awards, books, magazines, fanzines) and on the admission of new members, etc.,

Support the Organizing Committees of the Asiacons and Asiaconferences when these events occur in their countries.

Decisions In all leading bodies of the ASFS decisions shall be taken by a simple majority vote. This includes any Statute amendment, addition or deletion

hereinafter “Statute Change”. Postal and proxy voting is allowed only regarding issues announced in advance, by means of a definite written and signed statement.

Any Statute Change passed at any one Asiacon General Meeting does not take immediate effect, but must be ratified by the General Meeting at the next Asiacon. If ratified as it stands, it takes immediate effect. If amended, that amendment must not enlarge/enhance the original Statute Change, otherwise the Statute Change must be resubmitted.

If a Statute Change needs to come into immediate effect, it may be voted on for a second time at that General Meeting. On the second occasion a 75% majority is necessary. If a 75% majority is not reached, the Statute Change may be ratified in the normal way at the next Asiacon.



The official language of the ASFS is English.