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ASFA board

The nominated president of ASFA: 劉慈欣 | Liu Cixin (Three body problem)
The executive vice president: 拉兹Latssep(SFW Chief editor)
The secretary: YK Yoon( Vice Chair, Korea SF Association)

The deputy secretary: 王侃瑜 Regina Kanyu Wang(Co-founder of Applecore & International PR Manager of Storycom), Feng Zhang 三丰(FAA),Dr.Arvind Mishra(secretary, Indian Science Fiction Writers’s Association)
etc.(more to come)




The executive vice president: 拉Latssep(SFW Chief editor)

The secretary: YK Yoon

The deputy secretary(PR): 王侃瑜 Regina Kanyu Wang(Co-founder of Applecore & International PR Manager of Storycom)

The deputy secretary(Academic): Dr.Arvind Mishra(secretary, Indian Science Fiction Writers’s Association)


Feng Zhang 三丰(FAA)The deputy secretary (Financial)


National Liaisons and VPs


Taiyo Fujii (president of SFWJ – Science Fiction and Fantsy Writers of Japan)

Dr.MH.Srinarahari .B.Sc,B.Ed, M.A, PhD.(General Secretary, Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies)

Hosam Elzembely (Professor of Ophthalmology,Sci Fi writer and founder of the Egyptian Society for Sci Fi)

Dr.Ram Bhise (Assistant Professor, SIES Graduate College Of School of Technology,Nerul, Navi Mumbai)

Gabrielle Wei (editor from Science Fiction World Book Department)

Anh minh-do (Vietnamese SF activist)



Asia SF Association members and helpers

(company or institution names in Alphabetical order)



Future Affairs Administration (FAA)



is a technological/cultural brand focusing on the future, producing original content with futuristic vision for a Golden Age of Chinese science fiction.
Our core business is science fiction writing development, including sci-fi workshops, conversations between Chinese and overseas writers, writing clubs, etc. We also have specific plans for each signed writer, IP development and consultation.
Current departments include the Non-Exist Media (Non-Exist Daily, Radio, TV channel), book publication Guokr Publishing, off-line activity series “Time Gateway” and “Now Do”.



Science Fiction World

Founded in 1979 magazine Science Fiction World (SFW) is China’s leading monthly science fiction magazine. It dominates the Chinese science fiction magazine market with a circulation of 300,000 copies per issue. So assuming 3-5 readers per copy it has an estimated total readership of at least 1 million and as such is the World’s most-read SF periodical.

Science Fiction World is published by the SFW group.SFW now runs four magazines: SFW (Science Fiction World), SFWT (Science Fiction World Translations) , SFWK(Science Fiction World for Kids) and Little Newton. SFWT is the only big magazine of SFF translation, singular issues carry SF and even issues carry fantasy. With their large audience, SFW dominates the Chinese SF magazine market at a rate over 90% in middle and large cities

All told the SFW group has a large amount of readers.






Company IntroductionAs the first professional story commercialization agency in China, Storycom is dedicated to discovering and commercializing excellent stories. Storycom provides proprietary stories of high standards, commercializes stories or their copyrights with our professional team, offers entire lifecycle consulting service and targeted plans for story commercialization, finds the best partners and builds inclusive industry chains.





 Taiyo Fujii (Chair of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan)



Indian Science Fiction Writer’s Association(ISFWA )

Indian Association for Science Fiction Studies(IASFS)

Dr.Arvind Mishra, Dr.Srinarahari Mysore, Dr.Ramkishan Bhise, Vandana Singh etc.


Prominent SF writers from

Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia,Egypt

Dr. Dean Francis Alfar,Joyce Chng, JY Yang,Ted Mahsun, Jaymee Goh ,Zen Cho,Gabriela Lee  etc.